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Old Travel Pages

November 2000 Hall's Gap

January 2002 South Gippsland

June 2003 England, Ireland, Finland and Spain

July - August 2004 Gabbies and More

May - June 2005 Port Douglas

November 2005 Sydney

January 2006 Maldon, western Victoria

January 2006 Gold Coast, Queensland

May 2006 Phillip Island

July 2006 England, France and Spain

November 2006 Daylesford

May 2007 The Pole House

June 2007 USA

July 2007 Eureka Skydeck



April 2008 Moama NSW

May 2008 Mansfield

August 2008 The Ghan

Sunrise, Sunset and Weather...

Sunrise 1st June 2004

Sunset 2nd February 2006

St Kilda Beach Sunset 5th February 2006

Storm 25th February 2006

For Joyce

Dad's Rainbow 28th May 2006

Sunset and City Lights 31st July 2007

Total Lunar Eclipse 28th August 2007

Family Stuff...

My Dad

Black and Whites from the 30s to 60s

Our Family

Yvette and Mark's Wedding 11th February 2006

BBQ 12th February 2006

Kirsten and Damian's Wedding 18th February 2006



World's Greatest Shave 6th May 2006

World's Greatest Shave 17th March 2007

Bill's 60th Birthday Party

Garden Makeover September 2007

Christmas 2007


Taryn and Kari

My "Reborn" Family

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony

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Heartfelt thanks to Capt. Tom Bunn of SOAR
who provided me with the means to take to the skies again
at a time when I believed it was not possible.
Without Capt. Tom, there would be a lot less trip photos
on this website !