Garden Makeover

5th - 7th September 2007





My prize from a Knox Shopping Centre competition...
a $5,000 garden makeover by Supreme Green.


Before, during and after of the back garden showing the palms
which were propped up with rocks and lengths of timber after
high winds had made them extremely unstable. 

Paul has staked them securely using star pickets and
rubber "collars" to protect the trunks. 

The whole area has been mulched and the large Photinia
in the corner has been trimmed back away from the roof.
This is on the southern fenceline.

Before, during and after of the S.E. corner behind the basketball court.
Two dying Evergreen Alders were removed and replaced with Weeping Lillypillies.   

Before, during and after of the opposite back corner (N.E.) where a Magnolia ???
(must have a look if it has a tag because I've forgotten the variety Paul said)
fills a previously empty space. All beds have been mulched.

Before, during and after of the northern fence line outside the meals area
window where four Pencil Willows have been removed and replaced with
three Lillypillies. They will grow quickly but without guzzling every available
drop of water, as the Willows did. Hopefully the lawn will grow back now.

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