3rd to 6th April 2008





Firstly, a big "THANK YOU" to all our kids, their spouses or partners
and our grandkids for the fantastic gift of a long weekend at
Madison Day Spa in Moama. (Pronounced Mo-amma)

After postponing the booking for a day due to Celine Dion's
rescheduled concert, we headed off from windblown Melbourne
on the morning of Thursday 3rd April.

 Here's the obligatory windscreen shots en route to Moama.

It's a QANTAS flying kangaroo !

Mansion in the middle of nowhere.

Dinkum dunny with power ??!! 
Lucky them if they had power... half of Melbourne was still without,
after Wednesday's storm, until Monday in some areas.

Not much for the sheep to graze on any more.

Hard at work

I missed out on the best photo opportunity...
a wedge-tailed eagle hovering on an updraught,
almost directly above the windscreen.
It's not as easy to be ready to shoot with the 
big Canon 40D as it is with a compact.

OK... we've arrived ! Room 5, Madison Day Spa, Moama.
Bill checking out the TV, of course !


View from our window and door. There was a beautiful little bright blue bird
pecking around out there, but I was too slow with the camera.
I have no idea what type of bird it was, but it was tiny.

Spa bath and bathroom.

We'd already made appointments for massages, a Sabai stone massage
for me and Bill was having a deep tissue massage, so we wandered over
and had a soak in the "Roman bath" first. 

After our massages, it was almost dinner time. We ate at Konosirs,
Madison Spa's own restaurant.

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