Sydney, 18th to 21st November 2005


The flight up on Friday at 12.30pm was on time and uneventful.

Bye Melbourne ! 

About to land in Sydney...

Touchdown, and there's Sydney Tower, peeking over the city.

After we'd checked into the hotel, we went for a walk around town, 
and made sure we knew where we had to go for the Skywalk that evening. 

You can't really miss the tower, but we wanted to make sure 
we knew exactly where the reception area was 
because there's a big shopping centre  (Centrepoint) at the base of it.
The sections you can see jutting out from the top of the tower 
are the glass floored sections you walk out on.

Then we continued on down to Darling Harbour

If you go to that page and then look in the left hand column, 
the fourth graphic down says View Sydney Harbour Live ! 
If you click on it and go to the cam,
you can explore the area for yourself.

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